Long Term Vision for Rural Areas


On 30 June 2021, the European Commission adopted a Commission Communication setting out ‘A  long term vision for the EU’s rural areas’ in 2040, identifying the challenges and concerns that they are facing, as well as highlighting some of the most promising opportunities that are available to these territories. Based on a foresight exercise and wide consultations with citizens as well as other actors in rural areas, the rural Vision proposes a number of features that will contribute to achieve the common ambition by 2040, including a Rural Pact and a EU Rural Action Plan, which aim to make rural Europe stronger, connected, resilient and prosperous.

To support the preparation of the Vision, the ENRD launched in September 2020 a Thematic Group on the Long Term Rural Vision. Around 50 TG members acted as the core group for the development of a JRC-led foresight exercise for the Vision and helped design the “Welcome to our rural” package and roll out a series of local workshops to capture citizens’ opinions about the future of rural Europe in 2040. In addition, this group made suggestions about the common strands and actions required to turn the visions of rural Europe into reality. These ideas and the group itself made an important contribution to the content and delivery of Rural Vision Week which took place from 22-26/03/2021 and to an edition of the ENRD Rural Review.

The ENRD will continue supporting the roll out of the Vision in the Member States through the implementation of two new Thematic Groups – running indicatively between December 2021 and June 2022 – focusing respectively on Rural Revitalisation and on Rural Proofing.  

All information on the Thematic Group (TG) meetings and related thematic outputs can be found at the following pages of the individual TGs:

Visit the ENRD Long Term Rural Vision Portal and discover the many inspiring networks and initiatives across Europe.


If you are interested in any specific aspect of the Long Term Vision for Rural Areas, please contact us at rural-vision@enrd.eu.