Long Term Rural Vision



The President of the European Commission announced that the Commission will develop a Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas to enable them to make the most of their potential and support them in facing up to their own unique set of issues, from demographic change to connectivity, the risk of poverty and limited access to services. This should be done in close consultation with people living in rural areas, as well as local and regional authorities.

The process of developing the Vision is expected to lead to the publication of a Commission Communication before summer 2021. Its preparation will involve various Commission services including the Joint Research Centre (JRC), as well as inputs from many other stakeholders, a large-scale public consultation and various research projects funded through Horizon 2020 and numerous other sources. 

The ENRD Thematic Group on the Long Term Rural Vision, #rural2040, will consist of a small but dedicated cross-section of informed and engaged stakeholders from different parts of Europe. There will be at least four main meetings over the year-long period leading up to the Communication, with the first two meetings programmed for September and December of 2020. The members of the Thematic Group are expected to commit to participate in at least these first two meetings.

The aims of the Thematic Group are:

  1. To contribute to and enrich the foresight exercise to be carried out for the Long Term Rural Vision in cooperation with the JRC. This will take place as the centrepiece of the first two meetings of the Thematic Group in September and December 2020.
  2. To act as a platform or exchange hub sharing, discussing and communicating the results of different activities carried out by Thematic Group members and other key actors involved in contributing to the Long Term Rural Vision.
  3. To improve the coherence and structure of dialogue that will take place among stakeholders on the Long Term Rural Vision in different parts of Europe.
  4. To communicate more widely with stakeholders and encourage their sustained involvement in the dialogue.
  5. To contribute to the ENRD conference on the Long Term Rural Vision (expected in spring 2021).

The membership of the Thematic Group is now closed. The next two meetings have been programmed for 22 to 23 September and 2 to 3 December 2020.

For future reference, all information on the Thematic Group meetings and related thematic outputs will be uploaded to this page on a regular basis.

Visit the ENRD Long Term Rural Vision Portal and discover the many inspiring networks and initiatives across Europe.


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