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The ENRD is always on the lookout for interesting rural development photos. This is your chance to share your stories and images with people across Europe!

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NSU Training Module 7
8 May 2014

Place: Kendal, EnglandCategory: ENRD

Tags: ENRD, NRN, self-assessment, evaluation, RDP, training module

Jointly organised with the 21 NRN meeting, this training module dealt with the theme of ‘Understanding NRN evaluation and self-assessment’.

21 NRN Meeting
6-7 May 2014

Place: Kendal, EnglandCategory: ENRD

Tags: ENRD, NRN, self-assessment, evaluation, RDP

The topic of the meeting was ‘Understanding NRN evaluation and self-assessment’. This topic had been highlighted as a key area of interest by many NSUs before. NRN self-assessment is also becoming more pertinent under the new rural development regulation. The event provided a platform to discuss, exchange and learn more about NRN self-assessment and the role of NRNs in RDP evaluation.

Connecting rural Europe – Learning from the past, preparing for the future
2 June 2014

Place: Brussels, BelgiumCategory: ENRD

Tags: ENRD, rural Europe, capitalisation, networking, rural development

This ENRD event provided the opportunity to capitalise the work achieved by the EU rural development community during the 2007-2013 programming period. On this occasion, the ENRD stakeholders discussed the past six years of rural development networking and shared their views in relation to the upcoming challenges during the 2014-2020 programming period.

Traveling Workshop: “Empowering Rural Stakeholders”
31st March – 2nd April 2014

Place:Serbia, Montenegro, MacedoniaCategory: Out & About

Tags: rural stakeholders, Balkans, local action groups, cooperation, rural development

The Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in the Southeast Europe and the PREPARE Partnership for Rural Europe jointly initiated an event entitled: “Empowering rural stakeholders: Mainstreaming participation of stakeholders in development and implementation of agriculture and rural development policies in the Western Balkans and Turkey”. The objective of this multi-country event - organized by TAIEX (Technical Assistance Information Exchange Instrument of the EC) - is dual it seeks to raise awareness among all rural development stakeholders, in particular Local Action Groups, of the opportunities and means for involvement and cooperation in relevant policy and decision making at a national level, and it will draw the attention of national administrations and decision-makers to the importance of having structured means for involving stakeholders, and in particular the local actors in rural areas, in designing and implementing agricultural and rural development policies.

NSU Training Module 6
18 - 19 March 2014

Place:Ghent, BelgiumCategory: ENRD

Tags: NRN, ENRD; peer-to-peer, innovation, EIP

The workshop had a double aim: to help building a common understanding of the meaning and scope of the new task the NRNs have to foster innovation; to explore the specific activities that might be included in the NRN action plans and annual work plans for helping to enhance innovation.

The workshop was hosted by the Flemish Rural Network in close cooperation with the ENRD Contact Point and the EIP – AGRI Service Point.

ENRD Seminar on Communicating Rural Development
3 - 4 March 2014

Place: Vilnius, LithuaniaCategory: ENRD

Tags: CRD, communication, rural development, public, evaluation, rural story, digital media, networks, rural parliaments, intercultural communication, TNC

Building on the experience gained over 2007-2013, the ENRD Seminar on Communicating Rural Development focused on the contribution of communications to improving rural development policy implementation at the EU, Member State and local level. The event provided representatives of Managing Authorities, Paying Agencies, National Rural Networks, Local Action Groups or other rural stakeholders with the opportunity to share their experience and engage in discussions about the best and most effective ways of communicating rural development.

20th NRN Meeting and NSU Training Module 5
28-29 November 2013

Place: Dijon, FranceCategory: ENRD

Tags: NRN, ENRD, communication, NRN, NSU, France

The 20th NRN meeting was hosted by the French NRN in Dijon, France on 28 November 2013 and it was organised back-to-back with the peer-to-peer training on 29 November 2013. The overarching theme for the event was Communication as a Horizontal NSU Activity.

Youth and young farmers’ workshop
11-12 December 2013

Place: Brussels, Belgium Category: Seminars & Meetings

Tags: young farmers, RDP, NRN, EU, ENRD, rural development

The youth and young farmers’ workshop highlighted issues faced by young people in rural areas and to encourage innovative policy actions and youth engagement in the implementation of the future Rural Development Programmes. The event brought together young people involved in rural development and representatives of National Rural Networks (NRNs), Managing Authorities (MAs) and EU and national organisations.