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April 2014

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Highlight of the month: Youth on the move
Story of the month: Towards good practices 2.0
NRN of the month: The United Kingdom
Project of the month: Scottish mountain areas

30 April 2014: RDP Gateway 2014-2020 ‘Knowledge Transfer’

Fostering knowledge transfer and innovation is a cross-cutting priority for the 2014-2020 programming period. More resources, guidance documents and examples of RDP implementation can be found here.

25 April 2014: ENRD seminar conclusions

The workshop summaries and final report from the ENRD seminar on successful Rural Development Programme implementation held in January 2014 are now online.

23 April 2014: Connecting Rural Europe – ENRD event

The EU rural development community is getting together to celebrate its recent achievements! Join us in Brussels on 2 June… ‘Connecting Rural Europe – Learning from the past, preparing for the future’.

17 April 2014: LEADER Infographics

Did you know that 77% of EU territory is covered by Local Action Groups? More facts about the LEADER programme here: [PDF en].

15 April 2014: Rural Development Gateway is available in 5 languages

Spread the word! The Rural Development Gateway is now available in 5 languages.

11 April 2014: Agripicture - Inspiring French photoblog

Enjoy some beautiful and awe-inspiring rural landscapes from your desktop by exploring the official photoblog of the French Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.

9 April 2014: Call for applications – Civil Dialogue Groups

The European Commission has opened a call for applications for groups wanting to participate in the new Civil Dialogue Groups related to EU Agriculture and Rural Development issues.

4 April 2014: Delivering environmental services – new video

How can Rural Development Programmes help to deliver environmental services for EU citizens? Check out the new ENRD video.

3 April 2014: Proposals for new regulation on organic products

New EU proposals to update the regulation of organic production and the labelling of organic products are now online.