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Practical Tools for NRN Self-Assessment

Guidance on Design of Surveys, Questionnaires and Feedback Forms

Some form of survey is very commonly used by NRNs for collecting and assessing the views and opinions of stakeholders and participants in various networking activities.

This may range from an on-line survey of participants in a major trans-national co-operation event for LAGs to a simple feedback form on a 2 hour training course.

Several practical examples are included elsewhere in this Tool-Kit, but some general guidance may also be found below:

  • Best Practices for Survey Design - [PDF ]
  • A number of on-line survey tools have been used very successfully by several NRNs for the collection of feedback on networking activities. A review of the basic and more advanced on-line survey tools that are available may be found here.
  • An interesting overview of the pros and cons of different kinds of different assessment scales can be found here
  • Likert-scales for questionnaires (examples of responses) - [PDF ]

The European Evaluation Network for Rural Development provides methodological support for the evaluation of National Rural Network Programmes and National Rural Networks in line with the Common Monitoring and Evaluation Framework.

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Update of the Working Paper on the Evaluation of National Rural Network Programmes, integrating experiences from the mid-term evaluation 2010. Activity to be launched in quarter 3/2011.


Working Paper on the Evaluation of National Rural Network Programme (July 2010) documents the state of play of the envisaged approaches of Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain for the mid-term-evaluation of their National Rural Network Programmes.

Full document [PDF ].

Working Paper on Capturing impacts of LEADER and of measures to improve Quality of Life in rural areas (July 2010) provides information on LEADER-type self-assessment methods.

Full document [PDF ].

Working Paper on Approaches for assessing the impacts of the Rural Development Programmes in the context of multiple intervening factors (March 2010).

Full document [PDF ].

Interactive version [PDF ]

Newsletter articles on above working papers [PDF ].

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