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European Landowners Organisation (ELO)


ELO is a voluntary organisation representing the interests of the private owners and managers of rural land, and rural businesses, within the EU. It aims to promote a sustainable and prosperous countryside with the slogan of seeking Food and Environmental Security. ELO thus supports viable farming, biodiversity protection, sustainable bioenergy, food safety, responsible packaging, and combating climate change. ELO also strives to uphold private property rights notably in rural land use, cities, real estates, historic houses, other rural cultural heritage and gardens.

Structure, key stakeholders and partners

Created in 1972, the European Landowners’ Organization (ELO) represents a large number of rural family business and enterprises as well as individual actors in Europe involved in agriculture, forestry and cork, renewable energy, wine production, wildlife and cultural landscape management, hunting and fishing as well as water and waste treatment.

ELO is based on a network of some 59 associations in the EU-27 and Candidate Countries, as well as established high-level contacts with institutions and field professionals.

Priorities and activities

Engaging various stakeholders, ELO develops policy recommendations and programmes of action. ELO organises interdisciplinary meetings gathering together key actors from the rural sector and policy makers at the local, regional, national and European level.

ELO targets its work and actions towards eight major issues of European importance: agriculture, forestry, environment, renewable energy and climate change, water, rural development, status of private property and companies, enlargement and trade.

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