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Welcome to LEADER Transnational Cooperation [TNC] Guide homepage

The LEADER Transnational Cooperation Guide is intended to provide an effective cooperation tool tailored to the needs of the current 2007-2013 programing period and distilled and re-packaged a range of relevant TNC information focusing on two core aims:

  • to clarify what cooperation is and the benefits it can bring; and
  • to present a comprehensive step by step guide to TNC, that clearly explains concepts linked to planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of cooperation projects

Updates will also aim to reflect the information needs of readers and so please send any suggestions for new and useful material, or general feedback on the guide, to Your comments are warmly welcomed!

Quick View

TNC Overview

Explains the concept of Transnational Cooperation (TNC) and demonstrates the many benefits of effective TNC. More ...

TNC Planning

A step-by-step guide to the more complex aspects of TNC planning. More ...

TNC Implementation

An overview of common aspects of TNC project management at implementation stage. More ...

TNC Follow Up

A guide to TNC monitoring and evaluation, as well as advice on publicising project results. More ...


Added Value of TNC
interviews with Gaëlle Lhermitte & Jean-Michel Courades, DG AGRI, European Commission

EAFRD leader brochure [PDF ]

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