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Contact the Helpdesk of the Evaluation Expert Network

The Evaluation Helpdesk is the operational structure that provides support to the European Commission Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development in running the Evaluation Expert Network. The Evaluation Helpdesk is located in the heart of the European quarter of Brussels. The nearest metro stop is MERODE.


Evaluation Helpdesk
Chaussée Saint-Pierre 260
B-1040 Brussels
Opening hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (by appointment only)

Tel. +32 2 736 18 90

The Evaluation Helpdesk team

Team Leader

Hannes Wimmer (de, en, it)
+32 2 736 18 90 (ext 200)

Responsible for overall project planning and delivery.

Evaluation Manager

Jela Tvrdonova (sk, en, sl)
+32 2 736 18 90 (ext 205)

Responsible for thematic tasks on evaluation methodologies and processes.

Evaluation Advisor

Andreas Resch (de, en)
+43 699 1265 0045

Responsible for thematic work on evaluation methodologies and processes.

Development Officer

Margot van Soetendael (nl, en, fr, it, es)
+32 2 736 18 90 (ext 204)

Responsible for thematic support on evaluation methodologies and processes, good practices, interaction with external experts.

Evaluation Officer

Enrique Javier Nieto (es, en, pt, it, fr)
+32 2 736 18 90 (ext 216)

Support on evaluation methodologies and processes.

Communication Manager

Valérie Dumont (fr, en, dk, sv)
+32 2 736 18 90 (ext 201)

Responsible for newsletter and public website; information and dissemination.

Web & IT Officer

Thomas Chullikal (fr, en, it)

Responsible for providing technical support with public website and member's space.

Graphic Designer

Anita Cortes (es, fr, en)

Responsible for providing support with communication material, layout of newsletter etc.


Contact Point of ENRD

If you want to reach the Contact Point of the European Network for Rural Development, visit the page:


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