European Rural Networks' Assembly

The Assembly is one of the main governance bodies of the ENRD and EIP-AGRI networks alongside the Steering Group. It meets annually to provide strategic direction, guidance and advice to the work of the two European Rural Networks (RN) by highlighting emerging issues and important topics in rural development practice.
The Assembly gathers up to 200 members representing various stakeholder groups.



The Assembly currently has two permanent Sub-groups working on the following themes:

Other non-permanent Sub-groups may be created by the Assembly to carry out specific work/tasks.

Meetings and documents


Background documents

  • ‘EU Rural Networks strategic framework and governance bodies’ [PDF ]
  • Rules of procedure of the Rural Networks' Assembly (revised version of 4 September 2015) [PDF ENRD Magazine - Autumn 2015 - 13 Mb]
  • Self-assessment of the European Rural Networks - Consolidated report [PDF ]