Resource Efficiency

‘Resource Efficiency’ is the current sub-theme of ENRD thematic work on ‘Greening the Rural Economy’.

A Thematic Group (TG) will be working on this topic from September 2016 to July 2017. The focus of the TG is on identifying ways to improve the resource-efficient use of soils and water through the national and regional Rural Development Programmes (RDPs).

The 1st TG meeting identified three key topics to be covered within the sub-theme:

  • Water use efficiency;
  • Soil and nutrient management;
  • Soil conservation and carbon sequestration.

The 2nd TG meeting explored the extent to which a motivation gap, a policy gap or an implementation gap was the main obstacle to be overcome in various areas of activity related to the resource-efficient economy. This work helped define the main areas of interest for conducting a screening and analysis of the RDPs and identifying good practice examples in the field.

In addition, the TG will address cross-cutting issues such as: communicating the benefits of resource-efficient approaches; knowledge transfer; digitalisation; improving links within and between administrations.

Find out more about the work of the Thematic Group in the following documents:

Thematic Group briefing documents