Policy in Action

The ENRD has three main objectives: to improve the quality of implementation of the EU Rural Development Programmes (RDPs); to increase the involvement of all stakeholders; and to contribute in informing the broader public on the benefits of rural development policy. It provides access to a wealth of ENRD and other resources covering general aspects of the 2014-2020 rural development policy, while providing a bridge between the 2007-2013 and the 2014-2020 programming periods. Each section intends to provide clear understanding about each one of these aspects, to capitalise on accumulated experiences towards a better implementation of the RDPs and to ensure a more effective dissemination of information to rural development stakeholders.

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Information about the 2007-2013 EU policy framework for rural development can be found here.

To learn more about the 2007-2013 National and Regional RDPs and their implementation by thematic axis and measure click here.