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Guidelines – “Assessment of RDP Results: How to Prepare for Reporting on Evaluation in 2017

The Guidelines: Assessment of RDP Results: How to Prepare for Reporting on Evaluation in 2017, is a non-binding document, which serves to complement the legal requirements relating to the AIR submitted in 2017. The document leads stakeholders through the phases of planning, preparing, conducting and reporting on evaluation for the AIRs to be submitted in 2017. They provide advice on issues such as how to:

• Make use of the Common Monitoring and Evaluation System (CMES) for RDP evaluation.

• Carry out evaluation in RDP specific contexts (e.g. development of programme specific evaluation questions and indicators).

• Consider the proper use of complementary result indicators.

• Address the assessment of primary and secondary contributions of rural development operations to focus areas.

The guidelines put a major focus on the proper preparation of the evaluation system, aiming to facilitate the reporting of first results not only in 2017 but keeping in mind also, the need for continual evaluation throughout the entire programming period.

Additionally, the separate Annex 11 provides fiches for the common evaluation questions no. 1 – 21 to be answered in 2017. The fiches mirror the SFC-template point 7 of the Annual Implementation Report. For each evaluation question a list of the common as well as possible additional indicators are provided. Moreover, potential methods are discussed, which can be applied by the evaluator in the analysis. 

Publication: September 2016

Pages : 124

Size: 2.24 MB

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Guidelines – “Evaluation of National Rural Networks 2014-2020

The Guidelines: Evaluation of National Rural Networks 2014-2020 is a non-binding document, which serves to complement the legal requirements relating to NRN evaluations. The document clarifies the common elements related to NRN evaluations and gives a wider set of recommendations on how to formulate and manage NRN evaluations, both as a stand-alone exercise and as a part of RDP evaluations. The Guidelines are drafted to be a practical, hands-on guide for NRN evaluation stakeholders. They include step-by-step recommendations on the process and available methodologies for evaluation of the NRN. The Guidelines are divided into four parts. The Introduction familiarises the reader with overarching themes. Part I discusses the procedure for planning, preparing and managing the evaluation for the commissioning party (Managing Authority or NSU). Part II gives advice to evaluators on how to conduct the evaluation, and Part III includes an overview of some methods that can be used in the evaluation of networks, as well as example templates and tables.

Publication: July 2016

Pages : 135

Size: 17.5 MB

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Guidelines – “Establishing and implementing the evaluation plan of 2014-2020 RDPs

The evaluation plan (EP) is a new element within the rural development monitoring and evaluation system for the programming period 2014-2020, and is a formal requirement for Rural Development Programmes (RDP). In previous years programme authorities have used various planning tools to structure, manage and steer the evaluation of their Rural Development Programmes, to strategically build-up evaluation capacity, and to ensure that necessary prerequisites are in place for the assessment of the results and impacts of rural development interventions. The evaluation plan of 2014-2020 provides an opportunity to build up on existing experiences in planning of evaluation and sets the corner-stones for the Rural Development Programme’s evaluation system.

Publication: June 2015

Pages : 85

Size: 977.68 KB

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These guidelines were developed by the Evaluation Expert Network for Rural Development Programmes 2007-2013. This version was finalised by the Commission services after the Evaluation Expert Network had ceased its activities in June 2014.

Therefore the version available on the archived website ofthe Evaluation Expert Network is not the final one. Please refer to this final version.

Guidelines  - The ex ante evaluation 2014-2020 RDPs

Publication : June 2014

Pages : 192

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