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Rural Financing

Seminar on “Facilitating Access to Finance for Rural Micro-Enterprises”

Thursday 28th June, 2012. Riga, Latvia.

This event was organised by the Latvian National Rural Network with the support of the ENRD Contact Point. The main objective for this seminar is to bring together various stakeholders with specific interest on facilitating credit access in rural areas.

Participants had the opportunity to discuss and explore possibilities to enhance the current level of knowledge and understanding of the factors influencing access to credit in rural areas and the uptake of financial engineering instruments supported by EAFRD.

This seminar provided a very useful opportunity to involve key stakeholders in discussions that aim to assist in identifying ways to improve the current and future rules on financial engineering.

The main outcomes of this meeting will feed into forthcoming discussions (Coordination Committee Workshop on Financial Engineering – Friday 26th Oct 2012) on the Commission proposals on Financial Engineering for the 2014-2020 programming period.

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