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Rural Financing

Background documents and links


  • “Rural Finance Final Report” by ENRD Contact Point [PDF ]
  • Special Report No 2/2012 – “Financial Instruments for SMEs co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund” by European Court of Auditors [PDF ]
  • Synthesis Report – “Financial Engineering Instruments Implemented by Member States with ERDF Contributions -Programming Period 2007-2013” by DG REGIO [PDF ]
  • “Financial Instruments in Cohesion Policy” a Commission Staff Working Document [PDF ]


  • “Conclusions and recommendations arising from the Rural Finance Surveys” by Peter Tóth, ENRD NPE [PDF ]
  • Presentation on the “Current and proposed new legislative proposals on Financial Engineering mechanisms” by Nivelin Noev, DG AGRI [PDF ]
  • “Financial Instruments in Cohesion Policy” 58th Meeting of the Committee on Rural Development, 23 May 2012 by António Gonçalves, European Commission, DG Regional Policy [PDF ]

Information notes

  • “Financing Development and Transition of Rural Sweden” by the Swedish Rural Network [PDF ]
  • Information note “Crowd Equity - A new funding model for local entrepreneurs and other market operators” by the Swedish Rural Network [PDF ]
  • Note on “The Swedish Rural Network Working Group for Local Financial Capital Supply” by the Swedish Rural Network [PDF ]

Other Funds