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Project of the month: Inspiring local entrepreneurs through cooperation

Local tourism is very important to Polish LAGs Brama Mazurskiej Krainy and Warmiński Zakątek as well as Swedish LAG Leader Blekinge. Recognising this shared interest, the LAGs decided to join forces in a TNC project to strengthen and develop small business partnerships.

This business development project involved 250 people in 15 different activities organised in Sweden and Poland. Regional fairs and study tours played an important role in facilitating new partnerships in the field of rural tourism. These small rural firms had the chance to test each other’s products and services, discuss and evaluate marketing strategies, as well as explore new market opportunities. “We have much to learn”, says Tommy Svensson, Director of LAG Blekinge, “and let’s not forget that Poland is one of Europe’s fastest growing economies.”

Funding for this LEADER project came from a range of public and private sources, with the EAFRD contributing €182 992 or about 60% of the total.

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