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Highlight of the month: Informed. Inspired. Involved

Members of the LEADER Inspired Network Community - LINC - met in Vienna, Austria on 25-26 November 2013 for a group work meeting.

LINC - set up by LEADER organisations in Europe - has been organising annual gatherings for members of LEADER Local Action Groups in different European countries since 2010. The objective of these meetings is to exchange experiences, present community development initiatives and to share the cultural and touristic highlights of the host countries.

Knowledge transfer and exchange of experience is facilitated through constant interaction among the participants. These are also excellent occasions for building new contacts and strengthening old ones, discussing challenges encountered and practical solutions, as well as for conveying information on one’s own local area and development opportunities.

During the 2014-2020 programming period, LINC’s members are committed to continuing to organise high-quality and high-profile events that benefit their respective territories and that encourage values-driven community, cultural and economic cooperation.

The next LINC event will take place in Austria on 2-4 September 2014.

To read more about the 2013 edition of the LINC event, check out the Summer 2013 edition of the ENRD Magazine [PDF ].