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Baza danych projektów PROW

Forest Fire Prevention in Borsučie


EAFRD funds supported the restoration of an old reservoir in the Slovak part of the Beskidy Mountains ensuring the region was much better prepared in the event of a forest fire in this high fire risk area.



The Oravská Polhora village, in the Protected Landscape Area (PLA) of Upper Orava, in the middle Beskidy range of mountains has been categorised as a forest area with a high fire risk. The original reservoir, which was in operation until 1918, stored water for wood floatation. The ground dam was 10m high and had a drain device. Its restoration became necessary to equip the area with the necessary mechanisms to deal with the high fire risk.


The overall project objective was, through the reconstruction of the former reservoir, to increase the protection of the forest against fires and implement preventive measures. The beneficiary State enterprise Forests of the Slovak Republic aimed specifically to collect a sufficient amount of water, thus creating the conditions for facilitating and accelerating the intervention of fire equipment in the event of forest fires.

Main activities

The reconstruction of the reservoir was the main project activity and included reconstruction of the tank wall, the bridge, and the water drain. To do this the original tank was drained, the silt removed and the tank's firewall built, its length at the crown is 52m. A reinforced concrete pump pit and a new tunnel of 2200mm diameter were also built. The Polhoranka river basin was restored with the addition of a boulder field to the bottom.

Results & Benefits

The main benefit of the restoration of the Borsučie reservoir is that sufficient water resources to extinguish any fire in the surrounding forests are now ensured. The reconstruction of the former reservoir at the small fire reserve has also improved the conditions for hygrophilous flora and has created conditions for the formation of new hydrophilic habitats, which have contributed to the improvement of biodiversity protection.

Lessons learnt

The project demonstrates the importance of consultations between all the main stakeholders (in this case stakeholders in the Protected Landscape Area of Upper Orava, the engineering designer and the Administration of the PLA). Such an approach can result in a successful project outcome in both technical terms and with regard to environmental protection requirements.

Project location and other information

Oravská Polhora village, district Námestovo, Žilina region


Zilinsky kraj

RDP Territory


Total project cost (€)

503 648

EAFRD contribution (€)

402 919

National contribution (€)

100 729

Contact name

Ing. Aladár Trnovský


+421 907 879 237

Languages for contact


At a glance



Final beneficiary type


Budget range

> €500 000

Start date:


End Date:


Theme / Measure:

• Environment and Sustainable Resource Management
• Sustainable use of forestry land
• 226. Restoring forestry potential and introducing prevention actions


Forest management, Protected area, Water , Wood

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