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Austria's Learning Regions


Austrian 'Learning Regions' are a project mechanism funded through axis 4 which provide lifelong learning opportunities for rural areas in a manner that responds to locally-specific demands for education and training among rural populations.



Lifelong learning is a key tool for the development of Europe’s countryside. Training support and professional development of the rural workforce remain vital ingredients for business competitiveness and new skills are also needed to help tackle contemporary challenges like climate change and social inclusion. Leader funds in Austria are being used to deliver lifelong learning services through a network of so called 'Learning Regions'.


The goals of the Learning Regions are: • to establish learning as a strategic regional focus; • to develop and implement attractive education and training projects; • to raise public awareness of learning; • ... and thus to open up new prospects for the region.

Main activities

A wide variety of services are provided for rural areas via a network of 39 Learning Regions in the RDP project. Each Learning Region develops its own learning strategy. These are based on consultation with learning stakeholders from the region and provide an accurate, bottom-up picture of local learning needs. Learning Region staff help partner organisations to implement a range of different types of training activities and ancillary services involved in implementing the learning strategies.

Results & Benefits

As of December 2011, RDP-funded Learning Regions have been involved in over 140 rural training activities covering various themes such as strengthening agriculture, building regional know-how, improving youth employment, providing training for economic migrants, and promoting education opportunities for all. These sub projects can be funded separately from the main Learning Regions project budget. Whilst these sub projects remain independent they still act as key components of the main project.

Lessons learnt

Learning Regions’ strategies provide a focal point ensuring that lifelong learning does not take place in isolated pockets and projects can be managed to complement each other. The beneficiary has found that applying regional development approaches creates strategic advantages because it brings together many peoples’ ideas and creates efficiencies since links can be exploited between different projects that operate in the training sector.

Project location and other information

Locations throughout Austria - see the project website and attached PDFs for further information.

RDP Territory


Total project cost (€)

2 660 000

EAFRD contribution (€)

970 000

National contribution (€)

970 000

Private contribution (€)

720 000

Contact name



+ 43 1 532 25 79 11

Languages for contact

English, German

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Final beneficiary type

Individual farmers, Forester, Producer groups, Non-farm or non-forest entreprises

Budget range

> €500 000

Start date:


End Date:


Theme / Measure:

• Rural Quality of Life & Economic Diversification
• Training and skills acquisition
• 331. Training and information


Human capital, Skills acquisition, Leader, Education, Training

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