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Baza danych projektów PROW

New monitoring technology in poultry breeding


This project entailed the purchase of new modern monitoring equipment and technology for a poultry farm. This has resulted in better management and monitoring, reduced costs, improved quality of life for farm family, and enhanced animal welfare.


The idea for the project arose from the recognition by the farmer that there was a need to be up-to-date and introduce modern technology. Those involved in the farm’s management identified the importance of improving the management and monitoring systems on the farm.


The main aim of the project was to improve the management and monitoring of the poultry unit. This would in turn improve the quality of life of the family who own the farm and the safety of the poultry.

Main activities

The main activities undertaken in this project were: The installation of CCTV cameras on the 20,000 bird broiler breeder unit. The purchase and installation of a standby auto generator which comes on automatically should mains power fail. This is vital as if the fans stop during hot weather this quickly causes the birds distress leading to heavy losses The purchase of a road sweeper to keep the site tidy and help clean the houses after birds leave at the end of the day

Results & Benefits

This project has resulted in a number of benefits for the farm. Firstly by bringing broadband to the poultry houses, the farmer can log on to the website to check each camera’s view. This has led to an improvement in the management of the farm as well family life as no longer do members of the family have to walk down to the unit at all hours of the day and night to check on the birds. It has also improved animal welfare as a result of the continuous ventilation and cleaning of the houses.

Lessons learnt

This project has taught that it is important for farmers to catch up with technological improvements and grasp opportunities to modernise their farms in order to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of their farms. This is proved as thanks to this investment the owners of the farm are now achieving more in less time and at less cost.

Project location and other information

Ballinderry Bridge, County Londonderry.


Northern Ireland

RDP Territory

Northern Ireland

Total project cost (€)

13 110

EAFRD contribution (€)

5 771

Private contribution (€)

7 339

Contact name

Thomas McVey


+44 2886 736799

Languages for contact


At a glance


United Kingdom

Final beneficiary type

Individual farmers

Budget range

< €20 000

Start date:


End Date:


Theme / Measure:

• Competitiveness of Agriculture & Forestry
• Restructuring, developing physical potential, and promoting innovation
• 121. Modernisation of agricultural holdings


Animal welfare, Quality of life, Information technology, Modernisation

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