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Pembrokeshire Coastal Buses Powered by Vegetable Oil


Recycled vegetable oil coming from catering establishments has been used a source of fuel for Pembrokeshire's coastal buses. The transport service along the Coast Path National Trail is offered with a new fleet that operates in a sustainable way.


Pembrokeshire's coastal bus service provides a valuable transport link for local communities as well as tourists and walkers using the Coast Path National Trail. The opportunity to provide environmentally friendly fuel for the buses while finding an alternative use to waste coming from vegetable oil were the main driving forces behind the project.


To offer an environmentally friendly bus service to citizens of and visitors to Pembrokshire's coast.

Main activities

Pembrokeshire's County Council purchased six brand new buses which were subsequently modified to run on vegetable oil collected from schools and catering establishments across the country. The oil is recycled locally by a business that converts it into environmentally friendly fuel able to power buses serving four of the routes of Pembrokeshire's popular Coast Path National Trail.

Results & Benefits

Using vegetable oil as a form of fuel has brought a renewed bus service to the Pembrokeshire coast, renewed from an environmental point of view. Vegetable oil is 95% carbon neutral. Key achievements of the project are that: oil is recycled locally within the county therefore fuel is produced in a sustainable way locally, limiting the dependence on imported oil; the bus service,valuable to local communities and visitors, including those with mobility problems, is now offered at a reduced costs.

Lessons learnt

Alternative sources of fuel such as vegetable oil benefit the environment not only for their low carbon content but also because they provide an opportunity to recycle waste originating from other activities (in this case from catering activities). In addition, they can be cost effective,

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709 408

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Geraldine O'Donnell


+44 1437 775790

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United Kingdom

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Public/local authorities

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> €500 000

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• Rural Quality of Life & Economic Diversification
• Improving quality of life in rural areas
• 321. Basic services for the economy and rural population


Recycling, Biofuel, Transport, Vegetable oil, Environmental impact

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