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Promoting the Development of Innovative Ventures in Gwynedd


The project aimed to give a number of target groups of local individuals the confidence to develop and test new businesses in Gwynedd. It did so through various training workshops, information events, and bursaries.


This project was originally conceived as an idea to make Gwynedd a more attractive place to live. And to do this by promoting the development of quality innovative ventures in Gwynedd. More specifically, it was decided to work with specific target groups, such as children and young people (between 20-30), farming families and the under employed to “wake the enterprising spirit”.


The main objectives of the project were to: i) raise the self-esteem and confidence of specific target groups (under 10s, young people between 20-30, farming families, community groups & the under employed); ii) provide the opportunity for individuals to trial their (business) ventures; iii) focus on the development of ideas that could support the implementation of the local development strategy. A broader objective of the project was increasing the attractiveness of Gwynedd as a place to live.

Main activities

A series of workshops were held on topics relating to the project objectives. Events were organised targeting the different groups identified, to explore which types of media would most appeal to each group as confidence-building methods. For more specific support, bursaries of up to €1,140 (80%) were made available to individuals who had never embarked on entrepreneurial activities before to assist with piloting new businesses in order to promote the development of innovative ventures.

Results & Benefits

The project successfully raised awareness about new, job and business related, opportunities available to individuals in the specific target groups. It benefited the participants as they left with an increased self-confidence and willingness to engage into entrepreneurial activities. Furthermore the innovative ventures they developed fulfill another objective of the project as they contribute to making Gwynedd a more attractive place to live.

Lessons learnt

This project has found that the use of appropriate role models in information and training events, which attendees can relate to, can be a particularly powerful method of confidence-building and promoting entrepreneurship as a viable career option.

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RDP Territory


Total project cost (€)

775 770

EAFRD contribution (€)

537 966

National contribution (€)

152 304

Private contribution (€)

85 500

Contact name

Iwan Morris Gwyn, Gwynedd Council on behalf of Gwynedd Economic Partnership


+44 1286 679628

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United Kingdom

Final beneficiary type

Public/local authorities, Other

Budget range

> €500 000

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Theme / Measure:

• Rural Quality of Life & Economic Diversification
• Training and skills acquisition
• 331. Training and information


Awareness raising, Local development strategy, Entrepreneurship, Young people

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