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System for Checking Grape Quality Using Machine Vision


This project is an example of cooperative action to boost technological enhancements in the cultivation of grapes. As a result, an automated process of grapes evaluation has been introduced.



This project is intended to automate the process of evaluating grapes received by the VitivinĂ­cola do Ribeiro winery using machine vision techniques. There are problems with the existing grape evaluation process due to the subjectivity inherent in the visual evaluation process carried out by a person, which varies depending on the technique used at any given time, environmental conditions such as lighting and percentage estimates.


The primary objective of the project is to incorporate machine vision technology into sanitary quality control of grapes to automate and reduce subjectivity in the determination of sanitary quality of grapes, complementing it with basic analyses undertaken in real time. The final aim is to have a classification system that enables different grape qualities to be processed separately.

Main activities

1) Implementing a semiautomatic photograph system; 2) Generating a database of grape photographs; 3) Generating a database of evaluations by inspectors of the cooperative; 4) Generating a database of rapid metabolite analysis of the fungicidal action using FTIR; 4) Obtaining samples of grape must from the products photographed; 5) Designing and implementing image recognition algorithms to enable the classification and evaluation of different varieties of grape, correlated with product analyses.

Results & Benefits

As a consequence of the aforementioned results, the following positive effects are likely: 1) The quality of wines produced using grapes classified using this system will improve; 2) Levels of satisfaction among winegrowers will increase, as they will have an objective and fair valuation of their grape lots; 3) The machine vision system and related algorithms developed for this project will be sufficiently generic to enable them to be applied by any wine grower.

Lessons learnt

The scientific advances applied to the modernisation of farm production increases the added value of end products.

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RDP Territory


Total project cost (€)

189 252

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Manuel Castro González


0034 902 636 466

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Final beneficiary type

Individual farmers, Producer groups

Budget range

€100 000 - €500 000

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Theme / Measure:

• Competitiveness of Agriculture & Forestry
• Restructuring, developing physical potential, and promoting innovation
• 124: Cooperation for development of new products, processes and technologies


Added-value, Agri-food industry, Cooperation, Wine

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