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The Swedish Rural Network

The Swedish National Rural Network (NRN) has been fully operational since May 2007. The Swedish NRN is defined as, “the arena for mutual cooperation and learning.” Its main purpose is to reinforce the implementation of the Swedish Rural Development Programme (RDP).

The formal membership-based network has a secretariat known as, the National Network Unit (NNU), which is located within the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

The main tasks of the Swedish NRN are: to support the exchange of information and methods; to reinforce national actors’ dialogue with local and regional actors involved in the implementation of the Rural Development Programme (RDP); to support cooperation activities with other countries; and to strengthen links between rural, regional and environmental policy.

Network Participants

All the national actors, including those whose activities contribute to the success of the RDP and who have an interest in, or are involved in activities related to rural areas, are welcome to join the NRN. These actors may represent the rural population and industry, regional and national authorities or they may be other stakeholders involved in the development of Swedish rural areas.

Read more about the organisational structure of the Network [PDF ]

NRN Activity

The NRN supports the dissemination and collection of information relevant to the RDP as well as training and transnational cooperation. This includes: raising awareness about rural development; gathering and analysing information about conditions in rural areas; promoting best practice between stakeholders and successful project development, management and evaluation of projects; providing training courses; cooperating with the ENRD; supporting the implementation of the RDP; and acting as a contact point for Local Action Groups.

Read more about the main Priorities and Activities of the Network [PDF ]

Activities with other Networks/Countries

The Network in 2014-2020 programming period

See details in the ‘NRN Mapping Report – NRNs in Transition’ (2014) [PDF ]





Address: 551 82 Jönköping, Sweden
Telephone: 00 46 36 155000
Contact persons: Maria Gustafsson, Nils Lagerroth, Hans-Olof Stålgren

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