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LAG details

Bosutski niz
Trg kralja Tomislava 6
Mario Došen
Croatian, English
LAG Bosutski niz area is mainly agricultural 54,07%, its covered with oak forests 37,44%. Over area dominant position has river Bosut which flows through every municipality of LAG 62km's of riverbead. LAG is rich in cultural and historical heritage, oldest physical herritage (buildings) are made durring 11 - 13th century, and there are some archeological findings dated in ancient Rome and prehistoric era. Area is rich in nature herritage, large part of LAG belongs to NATURA 2000 area, and is important stop in birds migrations, there are also protected oak trees. LAG has moderate climate with cold and snowy winters and warm and hot summers, temperature range durring year is from -25 to 40 degrees celsius. Area has 44 000 inhabitants.
There are 4 main themes of LAG's strategy: 1. Developement of competitive agriculture on LAG's area 2. Diversification of the economy 3. Developement of human resources, strenghtening of capacity and recognition of LAG. 4. Improvement of quality of life and protection of nature on LAG's area There is strong tendency of depopulation on LAG's area so measures of LDS are oriented on developement of economy and quality of life in rural area, main goals are to influence depopulation trends on a way to stop them or in short term to slow them down by improvement of herby written areas of life.
1. Andrijaševci 2. Babina Greda 3. Cerna 4. Gradište 5. Ivankovo 6. Jarmina 7. Nijemci 8. Otok 9. Privlaka 10. Stari Mikanovci 11. Vođinci
4.000 (44.000 whole area)