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Terminalvägen 30
861 36
+46 73 2754869
German, English
Timrå Leader is situated in the middle of Sweden, but belongs to North Sweden. It is a small leader area that consists of 18 000 inhabitans and only one munipality. The area posesses fantastic natural Resources, including six nature reserves. Timrå is mesured to have 98% silence. Our area has well established forest industry and many sucessful small and medium sized companies that offer their own Products and services in a variety of fields. Se also have many farmers and foresters and turism is a small but expanding sector in Timrå.
In our vision, the Timråbygd area will have a higher population influx, a tourist industry and company development through close and collaborative local initiatives. Conditions will be created for a positive view of the area and its future development. There will be openness to new ideas and the part of all the inhabitants, irrespective of age, origin or gender. One of our most important measures for strengthening rural development will be to stimulate attitudes and entrepreneurship. Our priorities are: Volutatary assosciations: Providing an area for collaboration, entrepreneurship, networks and new meeting places. Business initiatives and entrepreneurship: Stimulation entrepreneurship, micro-business, networks collaboration, youth business venture and immigrant entrepreneurs. Attractive housing: Supporting local voluntary associations and developing leisure opportunities, strengthening the sense of community, providing meeting places and integrating immigrants. Infrastructure and service: Retaining and investing in services within easy reach of the residents. The visit industry: Supporting turism, developing packaging and marketing, highlighting natural and cultural heritages sites. Culture: Devising innovative solutions and formats for working with culture.
10 million Skr

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