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Elhovo,63 /13/ Targovska str.
Mariya Nikova
English, Bulgarian
LAG Elhovo operates in the municipality of Elhovo, Yambol districtl. The territory of LAG Elhovo fully coincides with the administrative boundaries of the municipality of Elhovo and covers all 22 settlements in the municipality. LAG Elhovo is located in the southeastern part of Bulgaria. The territory of LAG Elhovo is characterized with preserved nature and rich biodiversity: Situated in the lower reaches of Tundzha river and the river bed rapids are attractive and suitable for rafting and water slalom. Near the town of Elhovo, on the banks of Tundzha river, are situated “Balabana” and “Dolna Topchia” natural reserves which are the only natural habitat of Phasianus colchicus in Europe.
702 km2
Municipality of Elhovo
16 219 inhabitants including 10 552 in the town of Elhovo and 5 667 in the villages
3 455 000 BGN