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Radomir, 28 Batemberg str.
Vladimir Trenev
00359885 801 927
English, Bulgarian
LAG Radomir-Kovachevtsi-Zemen is placed within the borders of 3 municipalities: Radomir, Zemen and Kovachevtsi, located in southwestern Bulgaria, Pernik District. There are two towns within the area of this LAG: Radomir and Zemen and 58 villages. The distribution of settlements within the administrative borders of the three municipalities: Radomir municipality - 32 settlements, Kovachevtsi municipality - 10 settlements and Zemen municipality - 18 settlements.
The overall objective of Local Development Strategy is to ensure sustainable development and improvement of the quality of life within LAG Radomir-Kovachevtsi-Zemen. The goal is to implement the LEADER approach in order to achieve diversification of economic activities, nature preservation, rural heritage protection and development of high quality services that meet the needs and expectations of local people. Specific objectives of the strategy and priorities for the development of the territory: 1. Improvement of life quality in the area by improving the business climate and diversification of employment opportunities in rural areas and strengthening the cultural traditions of the local community. 2. Encouraging competitiveness of farms and increasing the added value of agricultura
933 km2
Radomir municipality (540 km2), Kovachevtsi municipality (139 km2) and Zemen municipality (25 km2)
25 258 inhabitants
3 892 850.00 BGN
3 892 850.00 BGN