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Dospat, 12 Orfey Str, floor 1
Bilgin Asanov
00359 893 406 171; 00359 893 406 172; 00359 889 811 848
English, Bulgarian
LAG "Visoki Zapadni Rodopi" includes the municipalities of Borino and Dospat and is located in the southwest part of the Rhodope mountain in southern Bulgaria near the Greek border. The territory is characterized with very well preserved nature and rich biodiversity including abundance of rare and protected animal species such as brown bear, otter, wild goat, red deer, salmon trout, etc. Leading sectors of the economy are the timber industry, the tailoring and textile industry, tourism, agriculture and forestry, private traditional agriculture and tobacco production. Tourism, especially rural tourism has the highest potential for growth, despite the fact that the teritorry is presently lacking well maintained tourist infrastructure.
1. Development of efficient and ecological agriculture and preservation of the local customs and traditions 2. Improving the realization and adding value to the agricultural and food industry products 3. Building up the overall image of the territory - Visoki Zapadni Rodopi 4. Development of the tourism potential of the territory - Visoki Zapadni Rodopi 5. Improving the quality of life and services diversification in the territory
Borino, Dospat
3 911 600
80% (percent of the total budget)
20% (percent of the total budget)
0% (percent of the total budget)