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Šetalište kneza Branimira 2
Biograd na Moru
Ivan Čupić
+385 (0)23 384 549
+385 (0)23 384 549
Croatian, German, English, Italian
• Maintain and develop social capital with the development of partnerships between public, private and civil sectors and the establishment of a network of support institutions for the purpose of their synergistic action in order to achieve development of the LAG, • Enhancing economic opportunities areas with the development of agriculture and all other activities that enable sustainable development of the area, • Development of entrepreneurial thinking and culture, and help the development of entrepreneurship in rural areas, particularly the development of family households, small businesses and crafts, • Ensure the quality of life of the population and hence the viability of the local population LAG.
•Development LAG using the principles of the LEADER program •Improvement of rural development by establishing the necessary infrastructure •Development of the economy as a stable, successful and attractive area, •Human resource development and promotion of continuous education and training, and the harmonization of education and economy •Development of appropriate social and physical infrastructure that enables high-quality life and work of all inhabitants of the areas •Development of appropriate care for people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups in society •Preserving the environment and preventing the devastation in any form •Strengthen cooperation with other areas at regional, national and international level and is actively involved in national and EU network of LAGs.
2 towns and 11 municipalities in Zadar County, including two municipalities on the island of Pašman. 1.) City Biograd na Moru 2.) City Benkovac 3.) Municipality Bibinje 4.) Municipality Galovac 5.) Municipality Lišane Ostrovičke 6.) Municipality Pakoštane 7.) Municipality Pašman 8.) Municipality Polača 9.) Municipality Sukošan 10.) Municipality Sveti Filip i Jakov 11.) Municipality Stankovci 12.) Municipality Škabrnja 13.) Municipality Tkon