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The Strategy Implementation

How to guarantee the smooth running of the projects?

Walking by the projects

After a LEADER project has been approved by the LAG Board it should not be left alone with its implementation process. Walking by the projects and their implementers and providing support from the first project idea until the last payment application is the LAG's core task.

Info package on project management

Many LAGs send an info package on the day-to-day project management duties to the project implementers right after the project approval. The info package can be in a file format also helping the project documentation, with titled tabs indicating the information and documents necessary to collect and keep for possible audit visits of the authorities.

Be available!

A responsible LAG staff is attending the project level meetings as often as possible. The most important is the start-up meeting, where for example the project's financial procedures are agreed on. By attending these meetings and explaining the LEADER funding conditions the LAG staff can best prevent the applicant taking wrong steps in the project management. Also between the meetings the LAG staff must be easily available by phone or e-mail to respond any acute questions from the project implementers.



Model agenda of the first project steering group (SG) meeting recommended by the Finnish NRN's Guide for the project applicants and implementors.

  1. Nomination of the SG Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary
  2. Approval of the SG composition, new persons nominated if necessary
  3. Agreeing on the minutes procedures
  4. Introduction and discussion of the project contents and objectives
  5. Getting familiar with the project funding conditions
  6. Introduction of the project’s key persons
  7. Introduction and agreeing on the project financial management
  8. Agreeing on the monitoring and reporting procedures
  9. Agreeing on the scope and duties of the SG
  10. Agreeing on the project communication strategy and publicity
  11. Agreeing on the treatment of the SG members’ travel costs
  12. Any other business
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