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The LEADER Approach

Why is LEADER specific?


3. Local partnership

The local partnerships for area development work through a structured governance mechanism– referredto as the Local Action Group (LAG). The Local Action Group (LAG) should associate public and private partners, be well-balanced and representative of the existing local interest groups and be drawn from the different socio-economic sectors in the area. At the decision-making level the private partners and associations must make up at least 50 % of the local partnership; its legal form may vary from country to country but it is often a non-profit, registered organisation.

"The local partnership is the most appropriate instrument combining broad bottom-up participation of local citizens with decentralised top-down support and funding from regional and national programs. It is a formal requirement for sound governance and at the same time the showcase for the quality and consistency of the local strategy. It is the hub for networking between local actors and with external partners." (Lukesch & Schuh 2007)

Key questions to bear in mind:

  • How to keep the partnership as open and transparent as possible?
  • How to secure skilled staff and adequate administrative resources?
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