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The LEADER Approach

Why is LEADER specific?


6. Innovation

The LAG must bring new elements and solutions to the development of its territory. In its strategy design and project selection decisions the LAG must be able to tolerate certain amount of risk – otherwise the most surprising and innovative ideas would always become disqualified.

"The thrust on innovation is probably less important in respect to the actual innovative content of the projects – although most brilliant innovations indeed have emerged – but rather as a constant fillip to search for novel, hitherto unseen and sometimes even bold solutions apart from beaten tracks. The LAG and its staff should act as an honest broker between different types of actors, who would otherwise never have come together." (Lukesch & Schuh 2007)

See analysis on the innovative character of LEADER and how to preserve it here


Key questions to bear in mind:

  • How to mobilise innovation?
  • What is the right balance between risk and innovation?

FG2 Report:
Preserving the Innovative Character of LEADER

Video-clip from the New LAGs' Workshop:
Bureaucracy and regulation must not kill the innovative character

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