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Improving Implementation of LEADER at Programme level

Eye Openers

You don’t need to have all the solutions yourself, there are so many resources, you almost certainly ‘know someone who can’ - look around, inside LEADER, inside the wider networks someone will have a solution or experience!

We all know LEADER is about links but sometimes we get so focused on our own LAG, project or community that we forget about our wider links.  Look up, use the networks, organise new networks, the community is growing, 2,300+ LAGs, 300+ FLAGs and now CLLD and innovation partnerships, so much experience and so many solutions! 

Don’t keep your solutions to yourself, if you needed to solve a problem then so too may someone else, don’t underestimate your own insights!

The exchange of experience is vitally important for the smaller LAGs whose resources are most finite, learn from the experience of others, reap the benefits of the wider community!

If you need to convince people use real examples, use visits, field trips, road shows, real projects are real evidence, communicate powerful messages and provide a basis for deepening understanding.

Showcasing works, bringing together groups of projects can get the added value of LEADER message across really powerfully to potential beneficiaries, MAs, PAs prospective funders and other partners.

Take the initiative, don’t wait for others to do something, if you see a need do what you can to start the process, start now, do what is ‘doable’!

If you want to communicate effectively then talk the language people understand, communication is about sharing ideas and information.  LEADER has built its own jargon, not everyone speaks it, think outside the LEADER box!

Look back, think ahead, learn from the past and use this to anticipate needs, a moments reflection can save time, resources and face!

Taking care of the LEADER method can form the basis for shaping the delivery system, it is part of the process, focus on the method and how it can be accommodated.

Break things down into stages, the basis for simplification, this can help solve the biggest obstacle.

LEADER is a great tool but not an end in itself: think beneficiary; think outcome!

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