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Local typicality and best quality for tourism
The project is aiming at a integrated promotion of local typicality for a sus-tainable development and a best quality of tourist stream.
The LAG’s area is a slightly hilly ground, shaped by the morainal hill zone that surrounds southern side of Garda Lake as a natural amphitheatre. Positive assets of the area are: environmental resources (area surrounded by vegetation, on a human scale, near Garda Lake, with a temperate climate all year); historical and cultural heritage (area played a major role in Italian Risorgimento and in the birth of Red Cross and is char-acteristic of Gonzaga’s castles and Villas and of Romanesque churches); a great food-and-wine tradition and many local products (wine, fruit, cheese, salami and cold pork meat).
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Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Greece, Ireland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Malta, Poland, Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, Spain, Slovakia, Belgium, Germany, Finland, Romania, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Lithuania, Latvia
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 If you are interested in this offer, please contact Colline moreniche del Garda - LAG MANAGER