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NRN Meetings

14th NRN Meeting

2nd - 3rd February 2012, Thessaloniki, Greece

  • Agenda [ PDF ]
  • Summary of the meeting [ PDF ]

Overview of the Networks

  • Presentation of the Greek Network by Petros Mouchas(Greek NRN) [ PDF ]
  • Presentation of the Romanian Network by Ines Jordana Trisan and Rosa Mayado (Romanian NRN) [ PDF ]

Feedback from the 1st Meeting of the Mediterranean Macro-regional NRN Cluster

For further information please click here.

Demonstrating the “Added-Value of Networking”

  • Update on the state of play of the NRN joint action / common methodology for demonstrating the “added-value of networking by Anja Hayes (ENRD CP) [ PDF ]
  • Presentation on the 15th NRN Meeting in Finland (8-9th May 2012) by Hans Bergstrom  (Finish NRN) [ PDF ]
  • Introduction to the Workshops by Mark Redman (ENRD CP) [ PDF ]

Update on the Rural Entrepreneurship Themes

Rural Finance

  • Conclusions and recommendations arising from the Rural Finance Surveys  by Peter Toth, (ENRD NPE) [PDF ]
  • Presentation on the current and proposed new legislative proposals on Financial Engineering mechanisms  by Nivelin Noev, DG AGRI [ PDF ]
  • Next steps on Rural Finance by Donald Aquilina, (ENRD CP) [ Prezi - ZIP ]

Short Supply Chains 

  • Update from the Short supply Chains Working Group by Christophe Buffet, (French NRN) and  Sarah Watson, (ENRD NPE) [ PDF ], [ Prezi - ZIP ]
  • Presentation of the First European Market of Local Food Products by Beatrice Sauvignet (Chamber of Agriculture, France) [ PDF ]
  • Video on “Puy en Velay” by Beatrice Sauvignet (Chamber of Agriculture, France)

LAG Event – 27-28th April 2012

  • Presentation of preliminary information about the 2012 LAG Event and the input/support required from NRNs by Kasia Panfil (ENRD CP) [ PDF ]

Forthcoming Activities of DG AGRI and ENRD Contact Point:

  • Update on the Forthcoming Activities by Adrian Neal (ENRD CP) [ Prezi - ZIP ]
  • Introduction to the projects to be visited during the field trip by Emilia Pavlou (Greek NRN) [ PDF ]

Field Visits

  • Presentation of rural development projects implemented in Thessaloniki by Vassilis Papavasiliou (Development Agency of Thessaloniki S.A.)  [ PDF ]

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