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Management of Rural Development

Rural Development in Slovenia is managed by the Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Food which has established a Managing Authority responsible for the management of EU rural development funds. Strategic priorities of the Rural Development policy are defined in the Slovenian National Strategy Plan for Rural Development, supported by measures and activities elaborated in the single Rural Development Programme (RDP) covering the whole country. The Paying Agency in charge of administration of applications for funds is the Agency for Agricultural Markets and Rural Development of Slovenia. The follow-up of the effectiveness of the RDP implementation is performed by the Monitoring Committee which is composed of different government bodies, NGOs and other relevant stakeholders. The National Rural Network brings together several different organisations involved in Rural Development with the purpose of information dissemination, exchange of good practices and cooperation.

Summary of rural development policy objectives

The RDP of Slovenia (2007-2013) aims to ensure a balance and synergies between enhancing the competitiveness of the agriculture, food and forestry industry, environmental protection and conservation of the natural landscape, as well as improvement of the quality of life in rural areas and the promotion of diversification into non-agricultural activities. The horizontal "Leader approach" contributes to these objectives by enabling Local Action Groups in defined rural areas to develop and implement their own local development strategies.

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