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Rural Networks’ Steering Group

Rural Networks’ Steering Group

25/02/2015 - 09:00
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The first meeting of the Rural Networks’ Steering Group took place in Brussels on 25 February 2015. The meeting marked the start of the Steering Group’s work of providing guidance and coordination to the activities of the European Rural Networks (ENRD and EIP-AGRI).

Representatives exchanged views on the most important topics and priorities for 2015, as well as providing the networks with ideas and guidance on which of their tools could be best used for which themes.

The Steering Group considered the work of the two Rural Networks’ Assembly sub-groups on innovation and LEADER/CLLD and the ongoing evaluation and self-assessment of the rural networks.

The Rural Networks’ Steering Group brought together representatives of Managing Authorities, National Rural Networks and EU-wide organisations, as well as Agricultural Advisory Services and Agricultural Research Institutes.


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